The Total numbers of students is 125 and there are 3 units in the school

Proposed Project of Construction of New School

Proposed Project of Construction of New School building at village Munjeri, Lullanagar to house school for Deaf and Medical facilities.

The Ministry of Defence Government of India has leased approx., 2 acres land on 90 years lease. All the necessary approvals for the buildingplan is obtained and the work of construction will begin in February 2021.

The School will be well equipped with computer center, facilities for training of skills and arts, laboratories, library, gymnasium, auditorium, school ground, etc., to make it a model school.

The existing school at M G Road is proposed to be shifted to the new site and vocational training and a Skill development Centre, Disaster Management, First Aid Training, Vaccination Centre, Hospice, Hemophilia/ Thalassemia testing & treatment, Dental Department, Opthal Department, Physiotherapy is envisaged in this new project.